NE Anger & the stupidity of Salad - With Ed Greve

We still try to get the Podcast going in times like this. Sorry for the bad soundquality in this episode, trying to improve it on the next one as we have to find different ways to record everything now.

Denice Bourbon finally got over her fear of gadgets, apps and online conversations, so she decided to call her old friend Ed in Berlin, who is an amazing performer and activist. 

Whether it's a shot of espresso, a beer or just getting pumped up on anger, whether it's on stage, in a workshop or online; 

the stage fright is still there, we all have different ways of dealing with it, and Ed is no exception. And of course the topic of COVID -19 came up towards the end and Ed delivered some extremely important thoughts and inputs on how it is when the system is trying to put the entire responsibili