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A New Season

It's been a long month, as the UK continues its precipitous decline into whatever type of oligarchic fascism we're trying to sugarcoat this week. News from abroad, of course, is no better either. 

If there is a glimpse of hope to be found, at least, it is in collective action and union politics proving to be as effective as they should be. Eschewing established mainstream narratives (Opens in a new window) and attempts at manipulating the discourse, the RMT strike continues undeterred, and may actually lead to some change.

The coverage we have been able to provide has been mostly limited to social media, as most of the writers are busy trying to keep safe and sane in the barrage of bad news. Our piece we published in June focuses on the Wensum Link development (Opens in a new window). Activist Sophie Ciurlik-Rittenbaum has talked to a number of actors and parties involved, providing some well rounded context - including the cowardice of institutions such as UEA and County Council, hiding behind half-promises and waffling words. 

We mentioned last month how we will be using your financial support to develop merchandise and promotional material, and those plans are going ahead as expected. Business cards will reappear soon, as we are ready to physically venture to events again, and we are in talks with a local artist about our very own custom stickers too! You'll also be glad to know we have finalised our tax returns for the past year.

Thanks again, as always, for your support. Please do get in touch if you have any feedback or just want to get more involved in what we do. Stay Radical!

 - The Norwich Radical Editorial Team

Sophie Ciurlik-Rittenbaum talks to a number of interested parties about the Wensum Link project, highlighting hypocrisies and motivations (Opens in a new window)


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