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I did it!

Pic: Tiny animal called collembola, living in soil (you see them only with a magnifyer)

It sounds perhaps crazy, but my Nature Match Cut community starts with written words, while the podcast is still braised in the pipeline. You know, a good roast takes a while before it tastes delicious!

What can you expect here?

You do not have to become a member to use these offers for free.

But of course, members who sponsor me should also get a little something out of it. For this, there will be exclusive content behind the scenes for the memberships brimstone, leafcutter ant and mycorrhiza:

  • In-depth articles,

  • Meditations / exercises to connect with nature,

  • and ... no, I won't reveal everything yet. You will later find the contents under the individual memberships.

I just want to start now, even if not everything is perfect and worked out yet, otherwise you will never get to see anything. A lot of things are running in the background, so today I registered a domain for the podcast - and it has to be installed.

For now, welcome - I look forward to seeing you!


directly from the nature parc Vosges du Nord in Eastern France


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