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How much money can I earn on Steady?

Use our handy 5 x 5 rule to estimate your potential income.

Our research shows that at least 5 percent of your community is willing to pay you 5 euros per month if you offer them an appealing membership plan.

So you don't need all your fans to chip in. Just your most dedicated supporters should be enough to get you a decent monthly income.

The amount you can earn depends on the size of your community (Opens in a new window). Your community includes all the people who follow your project, social media followers, newsletter subscribers and personal contacts. 

For example:

A podcast with 10,000 monthly listeners will include approximately 500 potential paying members. If they each pay you 5 euros per month, that's 2,500 euros in potential membership income.

🤓 Use our calculator to find out how much you can earn with memberships on Steady (Opens in a new window)

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