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February Subscriber Round-Up!

Here is what you guys have been up to / have coming up! 

Karim Skalli (Opens in a new window) is running a Kickstarter for his project JPN JOURNAL . Congrats for reaching the target already - there are still 15 days to go if you would like to support the project! (Opens in a new window)

Mark Phillips (Opens in a new window) has had an honourable mention at  Zeke 2022 Award for Systemic Change for his project Unbroken - Repair is Essential.   It will be exhibited at PhotoVille, Brooklyn in June this year. (Opens in a new window)

Vera Hadzhiyska (Opens in a new window) continues to run Peer to Peer Feedback . It is a space for artists from all disciplines to share work in progress and receive constructive feedback. It's a great way to test new ideas on a friendly audience and get other people's opinion on your work.

The upcoming date is 23/03/22 from 17:00-20:00

You can book here: (Opens in a new window)

Don't forget that the Issue 13 Open Call (Opens in a new window)is live! The theme is 'Sustainability' and deadline is 10/03/22. If you can share that would be a major help.

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