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Obsessions | Elizabeth Bernholz (Gazelle Twin) & Ghosts

"I definitely believe that places can store a feeling... or buildings can... I've had it numerous times... I've walked into somewhere... mostly London, funnily enough... underground stations where I've felt a wall of atmosphere change, like walking through a curtain of atmosphere change and just feeling ultimate dread... just that 'oh fuck, what is that feeling?'...  a real panic... and thinking 'what is going on?' I've had it in a few music venues as well. There's a sense somewhere... or a radar... that picks up on these things."

Elizabeth Bernholz aka Gazelle Twin, is an electronic composer, producer and musician.

In this interview, she talks to John about her

Gazelle Twin & Max de Wardener’s score for The Power is out 8th April on Invada


Gazelle Twin & NYX’s Deep England is out now on NYX Collective

For further information on Gazelle Twin


Twitter: @gazelletwin

For further information on John Robb

Twitter: @johnrobb77

Instagram: johnrobb77

Obsessions is produced and edited by Sophie Porter & Andrew Paine

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