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Thanks for taking part in our great book giveaway this week - they all went in a couple of minutes but there will be another giveaway soon…

As ever we are living in tumultuous times and yearning for the days when the news was boring and dull. Being an international website we know many Russians and Ukrainians from their respective music scenes. The horrifying daily news is relentless and our Russian fiends are reacting in mixed ways - either genuinely scared and keeping their heads down, leaving the country or crazily rereleasing an anti war anthem like St Petersburg based Shortparis did this week.

The band were at the vanguard of new Russian sene of band that we were covering pre war - a scene of music and musicians that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum than Putin. Shortparis’s song is genuinely emotive and powerful and their singer was recently arrested at an anti war demo and in jail for a day. (Opens in a new window)

This also a week were we lost more of musical comrades - the great Gavin Martin was a music journalist friend of ours from the punk rock wars. He started the Alternative Ulster Fanzine and came out of the 1977 punk rock Belfast in love with the Clash and rock n roll. Moving to London, he wrote for the NME and ended up writing for the Daily Mirror . Vociferous and hilarious and always speaking his mind he was never ever boring.

It’s always gratifying to see a band that we championed first hitting the headlines and Liverpool’s Mysterines debut album has been getting maximum scores all over the media. The band’s 21st century grunge looks a dead cert for being one of the albums of the year and still finds thrills in the form. (Opens in a new window)

A fascinating looking film is due out soon about. ‘Wake Up Punk’ Punk icon Vivienne Westwood stars alongside her son Joe Corré in new documentary, WAKE UP PUNK (Opens in a new window). Directed by Nigel Askew, the documentary had its World Premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival yesterday ahead of its UK & Ireland release on 9th May.  “WAKE UP PUNK was ignited because of the establishment’s misappropriation of Punk, a fightback from the heart of the movement…” says Nigel Askew.  Guest reviewer Alex Main posted this superb piece on his Reservoir Droogs (Opens in a new window) Facebook page after attending the premiere and has agreed Louder Than War can share it. (Opens in a new window)

The Undertones are currently on tour and this compilation is a reminder of their classic punk rock pop genius and just how great their pop tunes were. A timely compilation that brings together the bands favourite tracks from the post-reformation Get What You Need (2003), and Dig Yourself Deep (2007) albums. All the tracks have been completely remixed by acclaimed producer Paul Tipler, and digitally remastered, and are appearing on vinyl for the first time. (Opens in a new window)

Another post punk classic band are the Monochrome Set whose influence on groups like the Smiths has never really been noted and their key part in the story of Adam And the Ants seems to be a footnote in punk history. Yet they continue to make marvellous albums dripping melody and a skewed artful humour. (Opens in a new window)

The Louder Than War radio station is going from strength to strength with many more new shows added…check the shows at this link. (Opens in a new window)

The punk rock art exhibition in London was launched in London this week and has been massive success. A varied collection of art from a varied collection of punk scene icons…! (Opens in a new window)

Josef Van Wissem is a Dutch lute player who treats his instrument like he was a member of Swans and Sunn O))) - the soundscapes he creates are brilliant and stark and compelling. Find out more here… (Opens in a new window)

The hottest new band in Manchester are Shade. We reviewed their recent sell out show in the city and enjoyed their breaking of the stereotypes about the city. (Opens in a new window)


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