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We have free stuff to giveaway to anyone who replies.

This week we have unread books and unplayed vinvyl for you - please rely here or to our email adddress  ( and we will post free to you (if you are in the UK!)


'Mexican Cinema' a guide to the weird and wonderfulk worlinemad of Mexican cinema

'Ever fallen in love...' The lyrics and songs of Pete Shelley

'Nina Simone's Gum' Nick Cave's sidekick Warren Ellis first non fiction book 

'You are beautiful and you are alone' Nico biography 

'Why Solanas Matters' book about the radical feminist 

Vinyl (these are speical editions -still shrinkwarpped) 

Godspeed, You Black Emporer 'Pee AT'

Paul McCartney 'Ram' (special edition) 

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