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March Viewing Recommendation

Alongside being deep, deep, deep into making the next issue of Little White Lies, I’ve got a little side-hustle going on at the moment: preparing to record a commentary for a forthcoming Blu-ray edition of Jean Renoir’s tectonic plate-shifting masterpiece, La Regle du Jeu. I’ve done a couple of commentaries before, but this one is akin to a solo run up Everest in plimsolls, as it’s one of those films where the more you watch and scrutinise it, the further away it gets from you. One of the things I’ve been doing under the auspices of “research” is doing a near-to-complete Renoir rewatch, from his silent oldies made with his first wife, Catherine Hessling, through to his late 60s colour genre films via his French classics and American noirs.

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