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Time flies, and it’s three months since our first post on 11 August. Sorry, didn’t mean to keep you hanging!

We’ve been up to our necks in edits and corrections and layouts and logistics... if anyone wants to discuss importing a Word doc into Sigil ebook editor, and mapping Word to CSS styles, talk to Bern!

But, proof copies are now hitting doorsteps in England and Australia, and the final manuscript and cover will soon be uploaded to our printers and distributors (Amazon and IngramSpark).

We can tell you that the book spans 360 pages in total. 

There are 47 images and 14 maps. 

The comprehensive index covers 470-odd topics, from individuals mentioned by Riley through to technical equipment like telephones, buzzers and earth pins, and more abstract concepts like rum and sunsets! The home cook might like to try their hand at Krithia cakes or Achi Baba pudding. The dedicated researcher will appreciate the detailed references to units, formations and battles. An early version is shown below.

We've also finalised the book’s cover artwork, including a dust jacket for the hardback. Here is a sneak peek.

We’re still on track for the Gallipoli diary to be available in November, although some formats may be available sooner than others.

We’ll update you when they’re available.