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We send this email out to all subscribers once a month — but you can book events with us anytime you like! You can check out the discount code here (Opens in a new window) to book your free events. You can also see the full watch back library here (Opens in a new window). Just make sure you’re logged into your account at all times. Thank you so much for your support  🤍

🗓 On The Agenda This Month:

  • Your free access to our upcoming events on freelancing, getting paid multiple times for the same story, and a fireside chat with Amelia Tait.

  • Lecture notes from our sessions over the past month on how to report stories where children are very unwell, as well as how to nail Instagram.

  • We’re getting ready to launch our new copy of The Yearbook — and we’d love your ideas for the front cover. If we use yours, you’ll win a copy!

  • A reminder that our book club is now open for discussions for those of you who are reading the first set of books — it’s not too late to join!

  • Exclusive new discount codes for a guide help you get to grips with Instagram.

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