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While some of the posts on our home page on Instagram attract our attention, we would like to share them ourselves, but we find it difficult because Instagram does not have such a feature. Is it possible to share someone else's post on Instagram? If you want to repost, it is possible with the applications you download to your Android and iPhone phones.

As gramst website (Opens in a new window) says, when we want to share the posts we see on Instagram on our homepage, we may be confused because there is no such feature on Instagram.

  • However, you can solve this problem with the      applications you download to your phone. Here are the steps you need to      follow to repost on Instagram and share someone else's post.

Repost app on App Store

Download the app called Repost

First, you need to download the app called Repost. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the application from the Repost link from the App Store.

Repost app on Google Play

If you are an Android user, it is possible to download the application from Google Play.

Choose the image you want to share

  • After downloading the application, you can choose the      video or photo you decide to share.

Select image

After determining the image, all you have to do is click on the three dots at the top right of the image.

Copy the link of the image you are going to repost

  • When you click on the three dots above the image,      select the copy link option from the options.

Select Copy Share Url, Copy link.

When you select the part that says 'Copy Share URL' in English, you copy the image.

Open Repost app after copying the Instagram link.

After clicking the copy link option to share the image, open the application called Repost that you downloaded.

Open the repost app

  • The link you copied will be automatically dropped on      the screen of the application. What you need to do here is to click on the      Repost option at the bottom of the screen.

Press repost.

tick copy to Instagram

After pressing remail, the application will show you three options: Add to notes, copy to Instagram and upload to iCloud.

Here, select 'Copy to Instagram.'

  • Here, after choosing the 'Copy to Instagram' option,      you can now share someone else's content.

Your sharing is complete.

You reposted it on Instagram.

After doing all these steps, you can check Instagram. Your sharing is complete.

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