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Southeastern Metro - please sign our petition

Dear 853 member,

Thank you for your support of the website. I wanted to quickly get in touch with you to ask you a favour. You may have followed our coverage of the disastrous Southeastern Metro timetable - and more will come in the weeks ahead.

We're going to launch a petition to Parliament next week. Rather than having unaccountable Southeastern hack away at SE London's trains, we think they should be transferred to Transport for London, whose efficient and frequent Overground services are among the best in the country. The fares are cheaper, too.

(Remember, you can sack the mayor - you can't sack Southeastern.)

Our petition has just been published by the parliamentary petitions team and we'd be grateful if you could be among the first to sign it and then share it among your friends and other long-suffering passengers.

We're just sending this to our Steady subscribers so we can get this out quickly, but with your help we will have a good number of signatures in place when we launch next week.

Thank you ever so much.

Best wishes,

Darryl (Opens in a new window)


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