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Here's the latest stuff I sent out in my GOOD INTERNET (Opens in a new window) and GOOD MUSIC (Opens in a new window)-Newsletters. I also collected all tracks from the musicvideo-postings into a whopping 185-tracks-playlist on Spotify (Opens in a new window), which I will update occasionally. Also, I write about new developments in psychological implications of tech on society for Piqd (Opens in a new window), a plattform for journalists and experts. Give it a shot!

Thanks for your ongoing support and making GOOD INTERNET MUSIC possible. 

Have a good week!


40.000 AI-generierte Chemiewaffen / Drunk solution to 3-Body-Problem (Opens in a new window) doomed and drunk at the same time

Deepfake einer Kapitulation der Ukraine (Opens in a new window) synched spiders coordinate attacks with web-vibrations, a metaphor for everything

Die toxische Internet-Kunst der skrupellosen Nocheinendraufsetzerei (Opens in a new window) Zelensky > Batman but meh

Epic buys Bandcamp (Opens in a new window) Didn't see that one coming.

premeditative shocking pink (Opens in a new window) fck craft beer throw molotovs!

Shitpost diplomacy and attention collapse (Opens in a new window) Like everything that ever came out of netculture, it’s a mess.


Alle Tracks aus den Musikvideos als Spotify-Playlist (Opens in a new window)

Horsegirl / Automatic / Still Corners / Syd, Lucky Daye / Still Woozy, Remi Wolf / The Smile / Das Paradies / Angelika Express / Flatfoot 56 (Opens in a new window)

Arcade Fire - The Lightning I, II (Opens in a new window)

Kadhja Bonet / Wallice / Ho99o9 / HEALTH x EKKSTACY / Raury / Yumi Zouma / Portugal. The Man / Ö / Orville Peck (Opens in a new window)

Kate Bollinger / Jordana / Moderat / Night Moves / The Black Keys / The Chats / Kevin Morby / Helms Alee / KLONNS (Opens in a new window)

Superorganism / Sextile / Phoebe Green / Jenny Hval / Kae Tempest / Tomberlin / The Dream Syndicate / Melting Palms / Florence + The Machine (Opens in a new window)

Magdalena Bay / Otoboke Beaver / Barrie / HAAi / Ural Thomas & The Pain / Orville Peck / Whitmer Thomas / SASAMI / LCD Soundsystem (Opens in a new window)

Tonstartssbandht / Pendant / POND / EXEK / Weird Nightmare / Ezra Furman / Wet Leg / PUP / Brad Mehldau (Opens in a new window)

Lost Horizons feat. John Grant / Cannibale / Pictish Trail / Black Mecon / Suff Daddy / NYOS / The Stroppies / The Mary Veils / Florence + the Machine  (Opens in a new window)


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