Dear supporters, finally, with your help, the time has come: The book is out! And the e-book, too! 

In the printed book there are 231 illustrations, economic words from 2016-2021 newly sorted and arranged into a large, non-chronological narrative. 

In the e-book there are even more economic words, sorted in a different sequence. There are also two texts, by Robin Detje and Beate Tröger, and eight audios of spoken economic words. Lucy Powell, Alex Booth, Mattin and I had great fun recording the audio: 


... and I have already practiced signing for the Frankfurt book fair. We'll be there on Thursday, October 21, for a book presentation at the Adocs and M-books booth. At 12 o'clock, Hall 3.1 /H146

For those of you who ordered the Steady book-package, I'll do the book shipment next week before we go to Frankfurt. 

For all others: the book and e-book are available individually or as a package from bookstores, the usual online retailers or directly from the publishers: e-book and book as a package at

only the printe version at

In both versions, there is a phenomenal keyword index that I particularly like. I Understood the inherent beauty and quirkiness of an index really while working on it. In the e-book, the keywording works especially smoothly, thanks to Camila who inserted hundreds of links.

And now that the book production is finished, there will finally be new economic words, as always here:

Thankful and kind regards to all of you! 


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