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Investing in Stability and Growth: 20 Dividend Kings with the Highest Expected EPS Growth

In the dynamic world of investing, finding a balance between stability and growth is crucial for long-term success. Dividend Kings, companies with a consistent track record of dividend increases for at least 50 consecutive years, are known for their resilience. When coupled with high expected earnings per share (EPS) growth, these stocks become even more attractive. In this article, we explore the top picks among Dividend Kings with the highest anticipated EPS growth, focusing on three standout companies: Target, MSA Safety, and Cincinnati Financial.

Target Corporation

Target has not only solidified its status as a Dividend King but is also positioned for impressive future growth. The retail giant has demonstrated adaptability in the face of changing consumer preferences. With a robust online presence and strategic investments in technology, Target is well-positioned to capitalize on the evolving retail landscape. The company's commitment to dividend growth, coupled with a projected increase in EPS, makes it a compelling choice for investors seeking both stability and potential returns.

MSA Safety Incorporated

As a leader in the safety industry, MSA Safety has been a Dividend King since 1973. The company specializes in providing innovative safety solutions, ranging from respiratory protection to fall protection equipment. With an increasing emphasis on workplace safety and regulations, MSA Safety is poised for sustained growth. Anticipated growth in EPS further reinforces its potential as a solid investment choice, offering a unique blend of stability and the prospect for capital appreciation.

Cincinnati Financial Corporation

Cincinnati Financial has an impressive history of dividend increases, securing its position as a Dividend King since 1961. The company, primarily engaged in property and casualty insurance, has consistently demonstrated sound underwriting practices. With a disciplined approach to risk management and a diversified portfolio, Cincinnati Financial is well-prepared to navigate the challenges of the insurance industry. The expected growth in EPS adds another layer of attractiveness for investors seeking a reliable income stream with the potential for capital growth.


Investing in Dividend Kings with the highest expected EPS growth provides a unique opportunity to balance stability and potential returns. Target, MSA Safety, and Cincinnati Financial stand out among the 20 selected companies, offering investors a combination of a strong dividend history and promising growth prospects. As always, investors should conduct thorough research and consider their financial goals before making investment decisions in line with their risk tolerance and time horizon.

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