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So far 224 members support Journo Resources with £665 per month

Current goal

78% of £858 per month reached
This would mean we're halfway to our goal of an extra £1,000pm by September 2022 – and make a huge difference to being able to pay our staff and invest in new work to change the media industry.

The facts about the journalism industry aren't pretty. The latest statistics (Opens in a new window) show that 80% of journalists come from middle-class backgrounds, while just 10 percent of editors are from non-white backgrounds. Nearly two-thirds of the industry is based in London and the South East (Opens in a new window). Representation of disabled, LGBTQ+ and care-experienced journalists is also hugely problematic. It's no surprise no one trusts reporters (Opens in a new window).

Journo Resources is changing it all. We're building a better media industry that reflects real people. We inspire people to think about a career in journalism, we help them get there, and then we help them progress. Built from our bedrooms, more than 200,000 people use our resources every year. Eighty-seven percent of our users say we've helped increase their confidence through new skills and community. Ninety percent of our fellows have gone onto paid work in the media industry. What we do works.

But we can't do it alone. Currently, we only have one full-time member of staff, with a tiny team running everything from our jobs board and weekly newsletter, our databases and editorial, our social media and events. We desperately need more people to keep doing what we do, and in the face of a looming cost of living crisis, we need to pay them equitably. We need to raise another £1,000pm by October to keep paying the bills.

We Help You Get Stuff Done

As well as giving you a warm fuzzy feeling that you're directly helping to change things up in the media industry, a Journo Resources membership helps supercharge your own career. We've designed our memberships to give you the tools you need to succeed and get stuff done. Stuff like...

JR Transcribe is our very first app. Available on MacOS 13 and above. Available on our Tea and Cake tier and above, it comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited uploads, and none of the transcripts ever leave your computer.

• Our Events Series runs several times a month, with practical and inspiring workshops at all stages of your career. Expect everything from practical skills like SEO and FOI, to crash courses on finding work and sending pitches, as well as building confidence, editing your own work and more. Enjoy all of them online, either live or on-demand.

 Virtual Co-Working Sessions happen every week. Led by a member of our team, we'll help you to set actionable goals and then power through them together – as well as building your network alongside a supportive community. Trust us, you'll be surprised at how much you can get done in a mere hour.

• Our Discord Community is a place to find community and opportunities in real-time. We share jobs and opportunities as we find them, curate weekly group discussions, and you can directly ask questions to our team and community at any time. There's also plenty of space for off-piste co-working. Oh, and we'll be sharing a lot of pictures of our office pets. Swirls can't wait to meet you.

• Ever felt you needed a Powerful Playlist to get you through? We've got your back with monthly playlist to get you through even the gnarliest of tasks, with a fresh theme and notes each month.

• Our Annual Yearbook will drop through your door in Q1 every year, a beautiful 100+ ring-bound workbook filled with practical exercises to help plan your career and goals, as well as features and insight on the journalism industry. Expect everything from how to plan stories and rates guides to in-depth features and achievement badges.

• Finding it all a bit overwhelming? Our Recommendations Round-Up cuts through the faff and tells you what you need to know about progressing your journalism career.  We pick out the reads you need to know on the industry, equity, career progression and more.

• Our team also brokers the best deals on relevant Discount Codes and Freebies, helping you save even more money on things you already need. In the past this has included free co-working, discounts on professional training, accountancy, software and much more.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Cake? Drop our founder and director an email on