Selecting Perfect Custom Boxes for Products - A Guide

Custom boxes require outside the box thinking to make your brand stand out. All the choices you make from material to logo and colors it conveys a story to your customers so make sure you know what message you are sending to your customers. Choose your personalized product box design and style carefully.

Personalized outlook for items or products is an essential need by every brand and company. Now people do not want to use the basic means of packaging but want to invest in it to make it look unique. Businesses now try to tell a story behind their product through their exterior to connect with the buyers and make them buy their products. Companies now try to build the containers of their product with efforts and deep thought, in an irresistible manner so that they can attract as many customers as possible. In this modern era, with enhanced and modified technology you would find a number of varieties in options available for your Custom Boxes. There are several types and designs, but it is necessary to conclude which design and type of material is a perfect fit for your brand’s image and the product itself. Confused about the designing process? This guide has got you covered. Here we will take a look at the types and designs of packaging available in the market.

Packaging Types

When you decide to design the personalized packaging for your products make sure you understand the theme of the product, its size, and weight as well. There are numerous types of small containers available different for each of the factor. Below are the details of these different exterior types.

1. Shipping Boxes

These are also known as regular slotted cartons and are commonly used. These are made from flute corrugated cardboard. They are sustainable which makes it easier to ship heavy products or items such as electronic items, appliances, and books. It has a benefit of costing you less as shipping cartons reduces waste material. The presentation of this can be made to look sophisticated so it is still appealing to the consumers. These can also help you in bundling your products safely into a shipping folding carton when the buyer orders more than one piece of your product. You can add some inserts in the sides to keep your product in the middle and front such as foam, bubble wrap, and colorful crinkle paper this can also improve the presentation of your product.

2. Folding Cartons

These are the most famous and recognizable styles of packaging. You may find them displayed on the line of many retail store shelves. The material used in these is paperboard. These cartons are easy to organize and assemble but are little more expensive. The basic thickness of a material in a folding carton is 16pt-18pt but these cartons ranges from 16pt-24pt giving you a more durable solution. This is a perfect choice for wrapping up candies, luxury goods, and tea and beauty products so if your product is one of these items then foldable carton is a bingo for you.

3. Rigid Packaging - Two Piece Design

Rigid exterior look is mostly utilized for high-end products or luxury items, this includes premium watches, perfumes, or cosmetics. These are made from chipboard which is four times stronger than folding cartons which makes it pop on the store shelves. This product outlook is common but can be made unique in design is you put efforts. This strong exterior can also be used for smartphones or other electronic items while the trays can be a good fit for products like candles. Rigid small containers are the most expensive type of small container, so you need to be mindful of your budget and make sure you use it wisely. One way to reduce the cost it to get a perfect fit for your product, do not try to squeeze it in but also do not get a container so big that it leaves wide spaces in the side of the product which will make it rattle. Even if you reduce an inch and get a size that fit effortlessly you can save a lot of bills.

4. Cardboard

This form of folding carton is very commonly used by businesses all around the world. It is easily available in different shapes, sizes, and weight, it all depends on the company’s what they decide of their packaging of the product according to their needs and priorities. They can be easily adjusted and folded, it never fails to give you a smooth look for your products. Cardboard is usually considered the best among Kraft paper or corrugated. As it is the most durable and sustainable design available. With good outlook business holders also want their products to be safe in the container because if damaged goods reach your customers, it can dishearten them and will reduce their chances to make a purchase from your shop again.

Cardboard material helps you in securing your product if utilized in the right size and it can reduce the chance of any damage. This product outlook comes with another benefit and that is, it is very affordable as compared to other options. Every business thrives for revenue and cardboard containers are one way to go for it. It can be very helpful for small startups as it will reduce their cost and engage more customers. These durable yet affordable folding cartons can really help you save your budget. Another astonishing surprise that comes with cardboard exterior is that it is eco-friendly. If the consumer even throws out these cardboard containers after use, they will decompose and help in saving the environment. Cardboard outlook can be utilized for almost every other item such as Cigarette Boxes, snacks, food etc.