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The Dragon flew past the village
Larger than towers
longer than the catapult used to
take down armies
he saw puny humans and was disgusted
as how the world was ruled by such
who were they compared to him
for he was epitome of strength
pride, fortune and destruction
he terrorized the village and demanded
he gets a sacrifice a day to qwell his anger
flying to the mountains which he named sacred
he waited everyday eating a puny human
which he detested
Soon he found this amusing for he could
demand and it would be brought
so he up the stakes
the princess I demand
for what is royalty in my sight but just puny
stripes on the green cloth of the earth
he sent out his demand
and the next the princess
dressed as a bride to her husband
with no tears ready for death moved to the mountains to meet her and end
she came open a sleeping dragon
calmly she went up to on her knees
waking him up from his slumber
she knelt in front of him as if submitting her whole being
but when the dragon woke
what he saw made him weak
it would be a waste to take away this beautiful and care
and his true nature shown
he laid his head at her knees
like a pet who's master was coming for the first time
Princess? she smiled and touched him gently, calmly and smiling all the while
It's okay you won't be lonely anymore


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