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When we were younger
broken was glass or cereamic
but as we grew older it turned to hearts
to personality emotionally and psychological
wouldnt it be nice to stay innocent
and ignorrant to facts that plague the human mind
But if you are not broken
how can you know what is and what is not
the brave and bold
saw people break and fall
got pierced side to side
the strong got held back in their tracks
but they dragged forward
the all lost so much
pain tears fear tiny ounces of giving up
but the sprinkle of gold dust
now that made the difference
the songs changed from the sorrow stricken verse
to a latin glorious choir
they were enforced with beauty and gold filling up the parts
bold and brave as lions
strong as elephants
cunning as coyotes
the glory of a warrior will always be recounted
by his scars
not by his ability to evade


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