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Episode 11: Honey in Marbella - Beer in the rain

In our latest episode of Beer & Honey Raphael and Christoph regale us with their work/vacation activities during the Bundesliga's time off in the winter break. While Christoph went to rainy Belgium and watched Royal Antwerp play Gent, Raphael secured some time in sunny southern Spain where Borussia Dortmund were preparing for the second half of the season. He got to talk to coach Terzic and former Liverpool midfielder Emre Can. So naturally we will focus on the BVB in our 11th edition of Beer & Honey. Other BVB-related topics include the contract situations of Youssoufa Moukoko and Jude Bellingham. Listen and find out who will replace Manuel Neuer in Bayern's goal and who will replace Oli Bierhoff at German football federation DFB!


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