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Episode 13: Who's Hot And Who's Not?

The Bundesliga wrapped up the first half of the season and we witnessed two teams that are on a run: Leverkusen have now won five straight and Wolfsburg have won six straight. Ten time defending champs Bayern however are in a miniature crisis after two draws in a row. On top of that there is some drama around Toni Tapalovic, the now former goalkeepers' coach and best friend of Manuel Neuer, who got sacked and around fashionista/influencer/well dressed man Serge Gnabry who went to visit the Paris Fashion Week on his day off on Sunday. 

Raphael and Christoph will discuss these important matters and have a look at the relegation race which seems to have found a winner or rather a loser in Schalke 04 who finished the first 17 games with a measly 9 points.


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