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How can good personal hygiene help to develop positive self esteem


Psychologically vanity it's referred to as our temperament, our frame of mind, etc…, this can also be told as an evaluation of one’s temperament this includes self-worth, the flexibility to try to do one thing even it's powerful in an exceedingly terribly very good manner.

In our gift state of affairs, it's the basic quality each human wants. it's not concerning or knowing ourselves it's concerning up however we tend to feel concerning ourselves.

It helps the United States of America to understand our skills and what area unit we tend to be capable of. Once buddha told, “You, the maximum amount as anybody within the entire universe, be your love and tenderness”.This is what all our individuals desire to understand. the simplest friend in our life for the United States of America is ourselves, we've to understand everything concerning the United States of America over anyone.

If we all know ourselves then will, we will, we can} encourage ourselves and that we can build a pleasant character and facilitate others to make their own. during this manner, we can build a brand new nation that has love and tenderness.

Another factor that's most significant in our lives is “Time”. till we tend to worth our time we tend to cannot worth something in our life. Time is a precious gift given to the United States of America by god. Once we acumen to use our time in a very correct manner then our temperament and skills area unit developed. it's the most significant factor we'd like to make ourselves.

The researchers from the University of Washington assume that vanity develops from a for the most part rational method. This data into associate overall judgment. Stanley Coopersmith (1967), a pioneer within the space of vanity analysis, summarized this approach once he wrote:

“It relies on a judgmental  method within which the individualExamines his performance, capacities, and attributes in keeping with hisPersonal standards and values, and arrives at a choice of his ownWorthiness.”


It is vital to understand our responsibilities, respecting others and ourselves. It enables us to be proud of ourselves, helps us understand our dreams and fulfill them, and urges a joyful life that he/she deserves. It helps the United States of America to create the right choices within the rightful time that supports not solely the United States of America but supports everybody. It provides a buffer against the present potential for anxiety engendered by the unambiguously human awareness of mortality.

It reduces anxiety and will increase morality. It reduces the result of mortality strikingness (MS) on worldview defense and death-thought accessibility. It additionally helps to make the character of our stunning sort of a thousand butterflies flying within the sky and sort of a smile within the mother’s face.


The individuals with low vanity feel therefore unhealthy concerning themselves and they assume that they are incapable of doing something. They additionally build complex themselves and feel low concerning them. in keeping with some research low vanity individuals

-think that they need low ability to try to do one thing they didn’t even try.

-expected to fail quickly.

-are acceptive of failure once it happens.

-generalize from the failure expertise to alternative areas of the self-concept.

-fail to complete failure as a result of they are don’t assuming they do alternative things well.

-fear to try to to the items that they don’t understand.

-lose their confidence.

-they are unit distressed to trust others.

-they check out negative read of life.

-does not behave in a very correct manner.

I’m additionally someone with low vanity. However, several individuals do not settle for this and that they need to continue life while not knowing concerning it.

However, life is concerning settling for any and that we ought to accept each the nice things and unhealthy things or qualities in the United States of America. If we tend to don’t have it we've to earn it by consulting those that will facilitate United States of America {and we tend to and that we} ought to reach the items we do. It additionally will increase




-causes issues in friendships and relationships.

-It affects our academic performance.

-Many of the individuals will be addicted to alcohol and a few of them area unit addicted to medicine.

These negative consequences cause a negative self-image and may take his/her’s confidence down. This will also cause changes in our behavior such as anyone who doesn’t wish to have a friendly relationship with the United States of America.


No one on this Earth area unit is born with low vanity however they're created by the society around them and also the opinions society takes concerning them. several of the individuals needn't suffer from this drawback however the read the society sees through them is in several manners that's the rationale several of them lose their vanity.

Sometimes oldsters are the rationale for the United States of America to become this. oldsters ought to pay it slowly in a very day with their kid to understand concerning him.

Nowadays oldsters don’t have time to pay their time not solely with their youngsters however additionally they don’t have time to pay their time with themselves. this can be the most important mistake done by the fogeys in their life, which is the major regret they need. several youngsters area unit don’t understand the love that's shown by oldsters. a number of the fogey’s area unit over protecting to, as a result of that the youngsters lose their confidence.

Some potential later contributors to low self-esteem:

-  Negative or dominant personal relationships.

-  Negative experiences on the duty.

-  Messages from society.

-  Treating poorly by somebody.

-  By person’s own choices or judgments.

These areas unit some reasons why several of the individuals suffer from low vanity.

How to improve self-esteem?

To improve it we have to do so much hard work and practice. The practice consists of 6 main pillars:

1. The Practice of Living Consciously:-

It means that I have to know what I am doing.

2. The Practice of Self-Acceptance:-

It means if a fully realized self-acceptance does not evade the worst within us, neither does it evade the best

3. The Practice of Self-Responsibility:-

It means that everyone must take responsibility not only for the good things they have done but also for the sins that they have done. Then only they can understand the pain that others suffered because of their decisions.

4. The Practice of Self-Assertiveness:-

To practice self-assertiveness is to live openly with everyone participate in every activity they can and share their opinion. Then they can get confidence in themselves.

5. The Practice of Living Purposefully:-

To live purposefully is means to achieve our goals with all of our powers and help others also to achieve their goals.

6. The Practice of Personal Integrity:-

It is defined as having strong morals or values. No matter the situation we should not lose our values.

These are some ways to face low self-esteem. To get out from it one must practice these six ways and should and must do them. There are still many ways to improve it main step to increase it is to challenge the failure and negative words which are spoken by the society. We have to get help from others often this is the most important and we have to believe that person.

But it is a bit difficult task for people with low self-esteem because they cannot believe in a person soo easily. If they cannot get help from other persons they can read the materials or the books. There are many books which help us to improve our self-esteem some of them are:

-Improving and maintaining your Self-esteem by McKay.

We have to “develop positive affirmations” ourselves. Affirmations are positive statements that you can make yourself that make you feel better about yourself. For example :

-I feel good about myself.

-I can do anything

-I take good care of myself. etc..,


In my opinion, one must help others to build their self-esteem. Everyone is different. Be satisfied with who you are. Don’t wish you were someone else. Instead, be the best you can be.

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