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Thank you to those of you who have pledged your support so far! Our current goal is to have 3,000 of our readers become gal-dem members. This will directly contribrute to our groundbreaking work.

Plus receive all these gal-dem goodies along the way! Choose your member tier: sugar, nice or spice!


As part of your membership you’ll receive exclusive weekly reflections and essays from gal-dem staff and contributors, a monthly library mailer with core reading from marginalised voices on key topics, and updates on how your membership is challenging the white-washed media space.


We run exclusive events with the biggest names from our community for members, accessible via online streams and (soon) in person. Past guests have included Emma Dabiri, The Receipts, and Nina Mingya Powles.

Facebook Group! 

All our members have the chance to be added to our members only Facebook group. This is a digital community space for us share exclusive jobs and opportunities in creative industries, as well as post sneak peaks and have discussions on our favourite articles of the week. 


gal-dem goodies! For our nices and spices, expect gifts throughout the year thanking you for your support. Past drops have included free copies of our magazine, exclusive member-only gal-dem books, stickers and more.

Your contribution will help us to:

  • Take up space in an industry that is 94% white and 55% male, and is institutionally designed to disempower, discredit and silence our voices.

  • Shift cultural conversations to bring the perspectives of women and non-binary people of colour to the table.

  • Collaborate with more incredible talents from our community to create even more groundbreaking creative work.

Become a gal-dem member today! 

A note on cancellations:

We understand that buying a membership is a big investment, so while we appreciate your generosity, we urge you to consider the costs fully before purchasing! 

Please note that if you buy and then cancel your membership, gal-dem pays the bank charges associated with this. For payment solutions like Paypal, these fees are relatively high, so please do give your purchase due consideration before you complete your checkout!

A note on gifting a membership this Christmas: If you're buying a membership for a loved one this Christmas, please sign up to a membership tier (not a Pay It Forward) as usual and just enter their name, email and postal address in the relevant fields when signing up. 

If you're buying multiple memberships or want a personalised message please email! 

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