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Steady is where creators, podcasters, Instagrammers, YouTubers, newsletter authors, writers, bloggers get paid doing what they love

How Steady works for you

1 Get set up on Steady in just a few minutes - for free

2 Use our dedicated tools to easily promote your work

3 Leave payment processing to us, so you can get back to creating

4 Take your project to new heights!

Steady costs nothing until you start earning money! View our pricing.


“Something that’s surprised me is how good our members are to us. They’re very enthusiastic.”

Nathalie Hasson from LouieMedia

How does Steady work for podcasters?

  • 5% of your audience will pay you 5€ a month, on average
  • Host members-only podcasts on Spotify
  • Keep your rights, workflow, platform and sponsors
  • Free newsletter tool to engage with your members

Steady works for you, wherever your audience is

Instagram & TikTok

“Thanks to my members, I transitioned from a permanent job to self-employment.”

Maja Wörner from Eswirdnochbesser

How does Steady work for Instagram and TikTok?

  • 5% of your audience will pay you 5€ a month, on average
  • Protect your work from algorithm changes and stay independent
  • Offer exclusive members-only content
  • Get paid to do what you're already doing

Steady’s features

Incredibly simple set up

Plus, offer free trials and guest memberships with just a few clicks

Update your members using Steady’s free newsletter tool

Sending a newsletter is as easy as checking a box.

Use our JavaScript plug-in on your own website

For our pro creators: enable an ad-free experience or exclusive content for your members on your own website.

What else can Steady do for you

  • One home for all your content
  • You retain the rights to your content and audience
  • Human support for creators and members
  • Guidance based on 1,600+ creators’ experiences
  • 12 currencies & 10 languages
  • Full compliance with EU tax and data protection laws

Steady explained in 2 minutes

Thousands of strong voices use Steady to publish their work and secure a reliable income for their project.

For creators, by creators

We founded Steady because we're independent creators, too - we understand the importance of being free from ads and algorithms.

We're a small team based in Berlin helping hundreds of creators secure a financial future for their projects.

How much does Steady cost?

All of the setup on Steady is free.

You can run your project through Steady at no cost, within the limits of our Fair Use Policy.

Ready to switch to Steady?

It's easy to import your existing members and newsletter subscribers to Steady. Your data is safe with us, too - we're fully GDPR compliant.