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Steady enables us to support the projects we cannot do without, from independent media to podcasts, videos to open source code. Because good work deserves more than a like.


[ mem-ber-ship rev-uh-loo-shuhn ] / movement

Memberships are the key to a media landscape filled with diverse, independent voices. Members offer sustainable support for projects and personalities, not because they have to, but because they want to. Members are more loyal and committed than subscribers. And members liberate media. Join the membership revolution!

Get your first member signed up today. It will change everything.

You have the community

Your community loves you for the work you do. You’d be surprised how many people want to support you.

You have the freedom

Memberships give you the freedom to do what you love and the means to make it even better. Of course, you retain the rights to your content.

Don't put it off

There are only 3 steps separating you from your first member. All you need to do is get started.


Total support

Take care of what makes you tick, while we take care of the technology, finance and support. Steady won’t cost you anything until you start earning money.

The features you need

Build a custom membership model to suit your needs. Steady enables you to set your own prices, offer test memberships, hard and soft paywalls, a WordPress plugin, podcast feeds and API access.

The experience of hundreds of projects

We’re independent publishers ourselves. That's why we built Steady. Everything we’ve learned about memberships we share with you.

Our publishers speak for themselves

“After spending months preparing our campaign, nothing on the market made more sense for us. The team is helpful and always around for support and good advice.”

Stefan Mako
Founder of Inclusiv

“Steady is extremely user-friendly, both for potential supporters and publishers themselves. On top of that, the level of personal support was fantastic.”

Moritz Tschermak

“I spent weeks researching and found that Steady was the best solution… It feels like Steady just keeps growing, as there’s always something happening and it gets faster all the time. I’d say that’s the Steady effect.”

Katrin Rönicke

Your project is the star, not Steady

We won't steal your members’ eyeballs and drive them to our own website. On the contrary: We offer seamless integration into your own project. Steady stays in the background.

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Offer memberships in 3 easy steps

Not sure whether your community would support you on Steady? Ask them. Then set up your Steady page and spread the word. We’re ready to help!

How it works

More than 118,000 members support Steady projects. And we're growing every day.

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We built Steady because we are publishers ourselves. We’re on your side.

For a solid membership program you’ll need

software development, marketing know-how, designers, accounting, tax specialists

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