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Unit featured in a VICE article

In-depth story with comments by Ali Feruz and Andreas Schmiedecker

Our launch has just been covered by VICE!

Below is an excerpt explaining Unit’s approach to empowering reporters. Read the piece in full here.

“Andreas explains the strategy: “There’s a local and a global aim, so on the one hand we’re publishing stories to an international audience, but on the other we’re on the ground doing workshops with people and trying to empower them. One of the best ways to do that is to connect them, especially if they don’t already have an outreach.” This personal touch is what sets Unit apart. “The media likes to paint these people as victims, but they're fighters as well," says Ali. “They’re trying to make their lives better, so it’s important we give them the space to tell their stories.” Andreas continues: “It was a tricky balance, because we don’t want to reinforce that 'victim' narrative, but at the same time the facts speak for themselves. The network aspect ensures these stories don’t come from just one perspective.””

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