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Poetry to motivate and inspire.
by TJ

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I absolutely enjoy writing poetry. It's my way of describing the world I see. Whether it be in actuality or in my mind's eye.

People have been inspired, encouraged, comforted, and motivated by the words I have penned. I find find myself continually humbled by this fact.

I started this podcast to reach even more people. And your support to date is greatly appreciated.

I want to do more. I wish to reach more people. I wish to dedicate more time to this. To do so, I need your help. If you enjoy my poetry. If you enjoy my words, and the reading of such, I would ask that you consider signing up for a membership. This will help me to dedicate more time and energy to the podcasts. In essence, I'll be able to give you more. :)

This podcast, I find, is the truest way that I can reach you. from my heart to yours.

Thank you ever so much!

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