Sell subscriptions on your website – Steady Subscription Service

You have a blog, record a podcast, videos or music, or write open source code - and want to earn something from it? Become a Steady creator and build a community of paying subscribers! Steady makes it possible for your followers to support you with monthly payments. Using the Steady subscription service, you can convert 5% of your followers into paying monthly subscribers. Steady is the subscription service that motivates your community members to give a small amount each month, and takes care of all the work for you.

Offer your own subscriptions - it's never been easier

Steady turns your readers, listeners or viewers into paying supporters. With the Steady subscription service you can easily create a site where your community can become monthly paying subscribers. Steady uniquely combines the most effective crowdfunding methods with a subscription service to help you earn regular revenue.

How does the Steady subscription service work?

Steady enables you to collect recurring monthly payments from your community. Step 1:
Create a project page on Steady. You can set the prices and decide what to offer your subscribers.
Step 2:
Introduce yourself and describe your project on your Steady project page.
Step 3:
Promote your project page to your community. Steady takes care of the rest.

Subscriptions are a hassle - normally

Steady takes care of all the annoying details that come with managing a subscription service - correct invoices, proper taxation information, complicated international VAT and the fuss around online payments (we support almost all of them - PayPal, bank transfers via SEPA, credit cards). You pay nothing in advance - Steady simply retains a 10 percent provision (plus transaction costs). Once a month you'll get a transfer from Steady, together with a payment receipt that avoids any headaches with accountants and the tax department.