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On S4G you will find the most detailed and comprehensive guides as well as sophisticated tools that will let you enjoy games even more.

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If you don't dig deep into fan sites, you will find today almost only newsrooms that have every rumor about a video game at hand, but spend few resources on the games themselves. SPACE4GAMES changes that: Here you can find the most detailed and comprehensive guides as well as sophisticated tools that let you enjoy games even better and more completely.

SPACE4GAMES is still a spare time project, but it already consumes a lot of time. Our small editorial team has many years of experience in the field of gaming and online publishing. We have written for the biggest gaming magazines in Germany - or still do. At S4G we bring in all our expertise and passion. The enjoyment of games and excellent guides drives us, otherwise we could not justify the effort.

This is where you come in twice: On the one hand we want to convince you with quality and depth of our guides & articles and make you regular readers. On the other hand you are an important building block for the future of the platform: We can act independently and we can do much more if you support us.

Nowadays it is still not common practice on the internet that good work is rewarded. But if SPACE4GAMES could already help you to play and enjoy a game even better and maybe also save you a lot of time in the tedious search for details or certain tips, then think about whether this doesn't justify a small contribution. This way you directly ensure more awesome content - and you get the whole website without annoying advertising banners.

That's a good deal, right?

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