The Art of Sublimation

by Robin
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Apr 24, 2019

Cancel Subscription

A friendly reminder to cancel your subscription as we will be closing down the platform. If you'd still like to support AND receive great content please subscribe to Minola Review Here:
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Jan 16, 2019

Reminder to Cancel Subscription

Friendly reminder that I have transitioned content from here to Minola Review's Patreon - please close out your account here and move your support, at any rate you feel comfortable, to All proceeds go to the magazine. Thank you for being a part of this!
Dec 4, 2018

Shutting Down

I am going to shut down Steady and transition my writing to Minola Review's Patreon. In order for me to do this you must first unsubscribe, and I suggest transferring your contribution. Link and info in the body of this post
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Nov 23, 2018


A Sign off and a thank you
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Nov 16, 2018

Advanced Poetry Seminar Material

In depth reflection on the use of person and its potential in poetry
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Nov 2, 2018

An Interview with Alisha Sidbery, Drug Mom in East Harlem

"So I tell him how much it costs for the room and for the drugs. Now as far as the girl is concerned I said he’s gotta sort that out with her. So he goes in and all of a sudden I hear this girl screaming and screaming. So the drugs made the guy paranoid. He was in there holding onto her and he wouldn’t let her go. Now he’s on the floor and he’s spinning around. Luckily I took psychology 101 so I said, “he feels closed in.”"
Oct 26, 2018

Alchemy and Individuation

A prose poem from the forthcoming The Structural Integrity of the Universe.
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Oct 19, 2018

Grief in Point Form

On freedom, panic, and the singular/infinite moment
Oct 12, 2018

The Final Chapter

Twenty years ago my father left home. Two weeks ago he left earth. This is the last instalment of the story I want to tell about that. Next week we will slip from reality to the dream world and to the world of poetry because that's enough of this.
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Oct 5, 2018

To Hell with General Anesthetic

My father passes away this past Saturday. It's in his memory that I continue to share the twisted story of our life together, briefly as it was.