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The Reykjavík Grapevine is a free street magazine and website based in Reykjavík, Iceland. We’re Iceland’s English-language source for travel, culture, and entertainment news and information for those travelling in Iceland, interested in Iceland and living in Iceland, and have been creating informative, entertaining, honest content since 2003.

Part of keeping us honest is the fact that we have never published paid-for or sponsored content in our print magazines. Aside from our impeccable knowledge of all things Iceland, our integrity is our number one asset, so everything you read in our flagship Reykjavík Grapevine magazine, or Best of Iceland, Best of Reykjavík, and Iceland Airwaves sister magazines, is going to be honest and objective.

Now we’re looking to you, dear Grapevine reader, to help us grow and tell your stories while maintaining the integrity of our publications.

Introducing the Reykjavík Grapevine High Five Club, a fellowship where you can support the Grapevine’s independent, high-quality journalism in print and online, celebrate your love of Iceland, and connect with the good folks behind the Grapevine logo.

Help us build a community of Grapevine fans, tell us what content you’d like to see more (or less) of in our magazines, and connect with the Grapevine’s writers and creative contributors.

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The perks:

€3 - The High Five: You've liked what we've done in the past and you would like that to continue without seeing all those pesky banner ads. Along with that, we will also send you links to our new issues when they come out.

€6 - The Double High Five: You are a fan of The Reykjavík Grapevine, and it is not like you hate the banner ads but you definitely do not love them either and would like to peruse our website without them. You also would not mind subscribing to our printed magazines and wearing Grapevine joggers so you're pretty happy this perk comes with a hefty discount in our online store. 

€12 - The High Five (With A Secret Handshake!): “Yes yes yes... this is a fine profile about this remote island in the North but I feel like you’re missing an article about the possibility of elephant farming in the Westfjörds, I would write it myself but I think you should write it...” Sure, buddy, that’s pretty out there but since you opted to support us with a whopping €12 a month we will seriously consider writing about this topic. This plan will eliminate all banner ads and you will get an even heftier discount in our online shop. As well, we will set up monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) video sessions with one of our team so you can ask questions and tell us your ideas. In other words, you are in the Grapevine gang. We are in this together. Fighting the good fight, back to back, guns a blazing, swords (or pens... they are mightier) raised.... FREEDOM!

€18 - The Elbow Five: Hard times need proper action. The COVID-19 virus has severely affected our business and with this special tier, you can help the Grapevine without chance of infection. You can either pay €18 a month, but if you choose an annual payment, you will save 17% and only pay €180. This tier offers all the perks of the High Fives... and our eternal love. <3

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