Steady Paywall - perfect for premium content

You have a blog, record a podcast, videos or music, or write open source code - and want to earn something from it? The Steady Paywall makes it possible to for your community to support you with monthly contributions. The Paywall Plugin ensures your premium content can only be accessed by paying subscribers. The Steady Paywall motivates your community to pay a small monthly contribution, without any programming requirements from your side. There's more: Steady combines the most effective crowdfunding methods with a subscription service that helps you earn regular income.

Steady: subscriptions with Paywall Plugin

The Steady Paywall is an easy-to-integrate tool that displays content to paying subscribers only. If you want to restrict access to certain content and encourage visitors to become paying subscribers, the Steady Paywall is the ideal tool to use. It takes just minutes to integrate into your website, is easy to configure without programming skills, and is compatible with most desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Need a WordPress Paywall? Steady can help!

Set up a paywall for your WordPress Blog by pasting just a few lines of ready-to-use code. You can decide when and how to restrict content in each article. All you need to do is insert the simple keyword ___STEADY_PAYWALL___ into your article at your preferred starting point. Steady will then blend out the remaining content and display a preconfigured message. The Paywall Plugin directs visitors to your Steady Project Page, where they can select one of your subscription packages. The Steady WordPress Paywall is possibly the easiest way to protect your to premium content for paying subscribers only, without having to integrate payment providers: Steady takes care of that too.

Steady Adwall - Optional Adblocker Detection

The Steady Adwall is an additional optional feature that can be combined with the Steady Paywall Plugin. The Steady Adwall provides adblocker detection to help you profit from visitors who avoid advertising, and creates a chance to offer them crowdfunding subscriptions. The Steady Adwall recognizes when visitors to your website are using adblocker software and displays a configurable message. You can set the strength of your adwall - can visitors simply click and close the message, or must they always pay to read? It's up to you.