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Chapter 1

"There once was a girl named Ella who....", Khushi said, "Duh! Why does every story start like that?!" 

A pretty, young lady swirled around and kept the book down on the table. "Mumma, can I get another book. I have read every single book here at least twice. Please, let me get more books."

Mom: You are already in Grade 9. Start focusing on your studies. Remember, you have to become a doctor.

The profession sounded like a golden word to her. This was what her grandmother wanted her to become and she never wanted anything else.

Khushi: I understand but you know I love books.

Mom: Yeah, except for your coursebooks.

Khushi just rolled her eyes and looked at the pretty sky.

She kept looking at the clouds while her mother was oiling her hair.

Mom: But, do you really want to do this?

It was a tough decision for Khushi, she let out a huge sigh and turned around to look at her mother.

Khushi: This is final. It was hard for me but this is what I have decided.

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