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Mrs. Flowers Media Membership

by Mrs. Flowers Media

Mrs Flowers Media's membership includes all of the below: - Access to POLLEN an international video directory of facilitators, with introduction videos giving glimpse of a variety of facilitators and their work (over 100+ facilitators to be added) - 4 Micro-courses taught by 4 different facilitators with women related themes from 4 different pathways: LES FLEURS, SEED, RISING ROSE and BLOOM. - 1 Monthly online event with talks from Mrs Flowers Media facilitators.

Mrs. Flowers Media is an online directory, membership and agency, for holistic healers where we bring together many healers in one place for you to browse and compare and get a preview of before committing to industry prices.

We make holistic healing accessible and affordable for low-income vulnerable or even marginalised women by promoting a variation of international facilitators to women internationally in one place, our home hub.

We also cross-pollinate media, entertainment, and film industries with holistic healers to integrate

healing, self-introspection and spiritual exploration into many different industries.

We have a particular focus on BIPOC women supporting these women in particular with the variation we offer, of diverse, inclusive modalities and facilitators and experiences in one place so that there's something for every woman.

We hope to support women's mental health and spiritual development internationally.