Hi! I've never really written a blog before so im not sure i know how to do this. I dont even think i'm going to get any members so this is probably just like my diary. 

My name is Kaasvi, im 17 years old. I live in Delhi, India. Dont really have any passions other than watching tv shows all day long. I love playing basketball and listening to music. I have 2 amazing parents and a younger brother who annoys the living crap out of me. 

This is going to sound like such a  cliche but even though it seems like i have the perfect life, i really dont. I know i should be grateful for everything i have, so many people out there are struggling for basic neccasities. And i am, i am really grateful. 

But that doesnt mean it doesnt suck sometimes. It does.

Please tell me i'm not the only whos like this because it feels like i am.  

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