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Now you can change the font when writing on instagram
by Instazoom

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You know that feeling when you see a text and it seems like it’s been written just for you? It’s magical, right? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to experience that feeling on your Insta feed again then this blog post is for you. In this blog post we are going to be showing you how easy it is to change the font size of your Instagram posts without using the app.

Change the font size on Instagram posts without using the app If you follow our blog regularly then you already know that we are big fans of changing things up with our layouts and fonts. Whether it’s switching from bold to subtle, or switching from traditional to something a little more modern, there’s so much that can be done! However, not all of us are as creative as our bloggers friends are. That’s why here at Fresco we have created a template layout where everything is pre-set for anyone who wants easier access to altering their font size on their Instagram posts without using the app.

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