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Postcards update

Most of the postcards are sent and if you became a subscriber before May 23, your card (as well as stickers, plus two free "Rain On Me" and Chromatica cards) is already on its way. If you just subscribed today or over the weekend, it will be shipped within the week. A few things:

✨ To make the subscription affordable, we use regular untracked mail to send our cards. Although unlikely, it means that there is a small chance that your envelope gets lost on the way. If you don't receive anything within 30 days from today, please e-mail us at and we'll fix it.

✨ It's also possible that your envelope arrives bent or damaged. In such case, please reach out to us at and we'll make it right.

✨ This is our first time doing anything like this and of course it's happening in the middle of a pandemic, so we apologize for the delays. We are shipping the June postcard (which, by the way, you are so not ready for!) on June 1 and we plan to send all future postcards on the 1st of the month.

✨Once you receive your postcard, we would appreciate it if you could drop us an e-mail at and let us know your thoughts on the quality and whether you have any suggestons. We would also love a post on social media—be sure to tag us @gagadaily so we can see!

✨ As promised, we also included exclusive Chromatica stickers that you can't get anywhere else. They are printed on high-quality vinyl paper and are waterproof. This comes with a downside: they don't stick well to wood or any surface that isn't perfectly smooth. But they look fantastic on glass, metal, or plastic, and would be perfect for your laptop:

✨ You may have heard that we have archived our $3 plan and it's no longer accepting new subscribers. We still sent everyone who is subscribed to that plan their postcards, however, it will have no benefits in the future, so you can either cancel or upgrade to the $12 plan. What we would suggest doing is cancelling now, and once you've received the first postcard and if you like it, re-subscribe to the $12 plan.

✨ If you have any questions about your subscription, Gaga Daily, or anything really, feel free to reach out at

Have a great week everyone!

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