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Ecovillages Europe

Informations about ecovillages in Europe and the world
by Marc

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Ecovillages Europe's cost project is 45 000 euros. Spent to access communities knowledge, courses, accommodation, some food and travel expenses. Not included: hours of work writing & publishing; photo

Meeting 100 ecovillage regenerative communities in Europe.

Passionate about the environment and freelance in communication, I started a journey in 2016 that leaded me to an European Ecovillages Tour: meeting in more than 30 countries, 100 ecovillage communities living in a sustainable way, in harmony with 5 dimensions: ecology, social, culture, economy and whole system design.

Ecovillages Europe Tour is also an opportunity to raise awareness and show citizens that other lifestyles are possible not so far from our cities, but also that the environment, must be at the centre of our concerns to a level that meets its importance for our health.

I will take you on this journey which I will illustrate with photo & video articles about Permaculture, Eco-construction , Well-being & the Environment because they go together, Vegetarian / Vegan food and tools for Sustainable Living.

I wish you a nice visit!

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