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Awallprintss is a publication dedicated to sharing the stories of communities across the globe through features and investigations
by Editorial Team

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Awallprintss, is a 3-in-1 digital publication focused on the in-depth reporting of diverse communities around the world through investigations, features and longform journalism.

Our publication has worked on several exclusives written by our young journalists dotted around Africa, India, the US and the UK including our most recent documentary into the coercion of women and girls into UK gangs, our feature 'Almost 3 Years On, This Cyclone Idai Survivor Is Still Living In A Camp And Waiting To Be Relocated' and our story on 'Birthing while Black in America' a look at the impact of systematic racism on Black mothers

Outside of 'hard-news' we also focus on uplifting our communities and working on stories highlighting their achievements and impact in the world - for example our exclusive interview with the deputy CEO of the Diana Awards, who went from a bullied teen to leading Princess Diana's legacy, our story with a Black LGBTQ+ US Superior Judge who spoke to us on implicit bias, how she rose to the top and kicked imposter syndrome to the curb.

Awallprintss chases quality not clicks and this formula has worked well and has allowed us to build a community of loyal readers and supporters.

We call ourselves 3-in-1 because outside of our content we host career workshops and creative events for our community as we believe in being more than just a content 'platform' but actually engaging with the community and knowing our readers' needs.

We're basically the outlet we hope you turn to for content that has no jargon and is relatable and fun to read.