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Are We Europe: Border Breaking Stories

We are an independent media (re)discovering our ever-changing continent.
by Are We Europe

We publish stories with local perspectives, the ones that help us figure out what it means to share a continent. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Join the club and support independent journalism by becoming a member.

While headlines obsess over borders, we reach across them.

Founded in 2016 by four friends who were disillusioned by how traditional media covered Europe, we now have a dedicated team based in Brussels.

We work with 800+ storytellers from across the continent to explore the exceptional and everyday Europe. What can the death of an Irish coastal town, evacuated due to erosion, teach all of us about climate change? How are the lives behind the headlines of Poland’s LGBT-free zones? And who are the selfie-taking modern witches of Romania?

Support the next generation of independent journalists

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s painfully true. Independent media outlets rely on their readership.

We are no exception.

We launched our membership plan in early 2020 when headlines were all about Brexit and borders. Two years later, headlines have drastically changed. But our mission hasn’t.

To support our growing community of storytellers

To empower new writers and bring new stories

To stay independent and quick on our feet

We need you.