How to Pick The Best Niche For Blogging? (Correct Method)

This is by far the most important article you will ever read before starting a blog. Knowing the best niche for blogging will determine your future success or lack of this knowledge can lead to failure.

There are countless people who started a blog and ditched it before they could discover the fame they were destined for.

What I found most interesting was that most of them repeated the same voice:

  • I quit because I couldn't attract blog traffic
  • I left because I couldn't make money
  • I was unlucky
  • I was not lucky

I am discouraged to hear this, as I know that the problem is not the hard work of these quitters, but the lack of understanding of profitable blogging and especially the lack of understanding of the blog niche.

Today I am revealing the secrets of choosing a niche that will be your foundation for building a profitable blogging business.

This is a long read and you should bookmark this guide for future reference as well. Grab a cup of coffee or green tea and try not to be distracted.

Read each word with a clear intent to learn something new, and you will not only be successful on your next blog but also avoid the niche mistakes that many bloggers will fail.

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What is a niche for a blog?

What is the biggest mistake in choosing a niche?

1. Get into a general niche:

2. Fewer monetization options:

3. Failure happens without research:

4. Stick to the wrong niche:

5. Do not start due to the lack of a niche:

What are the benefits of choosing a niche

1. More traffic - Google Love:

2. More loyal users:

3. You can become an expert:

4. Marketing Made Easy:

5. Another mullah 💸:

General niche versus. Laser focusing niche (Micro niche)

5 principles for choosing a niche for your blog:

1. Your interest or passion

2. A niche with low competition means an easy win:

3. Your area of ​​expertise:

4. Relevance of the topic in the future

5. Can you monetize your niche?

Final words for successful niche selection:

What is a Niche for a Blog?

By dictionary

A designation or relation to a product, service, or interest that attracts a small, specialized population.

The most common way to think about the blog niche is:

  • What's your blog topic?
  • What is your blog about?

What is the Biggest Mistake in Choosing a Niche?

When choosing a niche, many beginners make several mistakes. Let me write down a few of them.

1. Get into a General Niche:

A generic niche is a broad and very broad niche that tends to be highly competitive. For example, the health niche, the technology niche, the fashion niche.

The best way to figure this out is to focus on a narrow specialized niche in a wide niche.

This alone will ensure the success of your blog in terms of popularity, traffic and money.

Moreover, you will become a specialized expert as you spend a lot of time researching, studying and writing articles on one specific topic.

2. Fewer Monetization Options:

Many newbies end up on a blog focusing on Adsense alone. This is mainly due to a lack of information, and this should not be the only criterion for choosing a profitable niche.

You need to broaden your horizons and focus on a niche that provides more opportunities for monetization.

It can be in the form (but not limited to)

  • Direct advertisers
  • Partnership programs
  • Online Courses
  • Merchandising

3. Failure happens without Research:

If your goal is to build a sustainable business (income stream) through blogging, you need to spend time researching and using the data to select a niche.

It may take 2-3 days before you can start your blog. But this exercise alone will help you validate your idea, and your decision is not only based on passion and intuition.

On the contrary, intuition is not a bad thing if you are well aware of the correct information before starting your blog.

4. Stick to the Wrong Niche:

“It's okay, I will succeed,” such thoughts often lead to disappointment in the near future and, ultimately, allow you to quit your blog.

Often times, when you realize that you are working in the wrong niche, you have the opportunity to launch a new website (in a new niche) and then make it work for you. Truth be told, your subsequent blog can be a triumph as you will utilize your insight from the old blog in the upgraded one.

Over the 12 years of my blogging career, each new blog has become more successful than the previous one. So don't be reluctant to leave your old specialty and start another one when you understand that the old specialty is excessively soaked or you are presently not intrigued by it.

Take all of these tips with a grain of salt and consider them before making any decision to change your niche. If you are an employee of Shout University, you can always ask me about your niche.

5. Do not Start due to the Lack of a Niche:

Choosing a niche is definitely the # 1 step on the road to being successful at profitable blogging, but you shouldn't stay too long at this stage. There are still many challenges ahead and you should complete the entire niche selection process within a week.

Even if it meant that you chose the wrong niche, you can always correct the course later. The main thing is not to get stuck in the process of choosing a niche.

Moving on to the benefits ...

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Niche

1. More Traffic - Google Love:

Since you will be using the data to select your niche, the likelihood that you will create a high traffic blog will be higher. Plus, since you're in a laser-driven niche, you're more likely to get rewarded from Google in the form of organic traffic.

2. More Loyal Users:

By being in the right niche, you can also attract like-minded people. Since your blog will be about one topic, your niche will also allow you to attract like-minded people.

Since your blog will be about one topic, your readers are more likely to stay.

You will notice that you have fewer bounces, more than average. page on time and your community will grow. This whole process may be slow at first, but over time, things will simply change.

3. You can Become an Expert:

Learning is a slow process, but since you spend regular time studying one subject every day, you will end up in the top 1-5% in that particular area.

The best part is that you will not even understand how you acquired such knowledge, since your thirst to learn more will never end. This distinction is mainly noted by others or by you when you compare your recent writing with old ones.

4. Marketing Made Easy:

For this reason alone, you should spend a significant amount of time choosing a niche.

When you have a focused blog, your marketing efforts become a little easier than an unfocused blog, and you will see better results with less effort.

5. Another Mullah:

As soon as your blog starts to gain traction, advertisers will turn to you. This phase of your career will be a game changer as your initial niche choice will help you make more money than your peers.

In light of the laser-designated specialty, advertisements should get a high CTR from a hyper-designated crowd, this will be the limit of a mullah.

In one of the niches I worked on, it brought in over $ 12,000 in one day because I was in a certain niche.

Now you may or may not repeat the same result as mine, but you will definitely be better off than starting a blog without choosing a niche.

General Niche versus. Laser focusing Niche (Micro Niche)

  • Freelance vs freelance for writers
  • Technology Blog and Technology Blog for Apple User
  • Fashion & Lifestyle vs. Fashion & Lifestyle Blog for College Applicants
  • SEO versus backlink building

5 Principles for Choosing a Niche for your Blog:

1. Your Interest or Passion

Use your past experiences, hobbies and knowledge, current interest, readings and knowledge, and your life achievements as a basis for choosing a niche. For example, if you've lost weight, you might consider starting a health blog, or if you've become financially free, you might want to start a finance blog.

Always remember: teaching is better to learn!

I do this by creating a list of topics that I'm interested in and then going through the other filters listed below.

This will guarantee that the speciality you pick isn't just something that you are enthusiastic about, yet additionally productive over the long haul.

2. A Niche with Low Competition means an Easy Win:

Competition is another factor that you should consider before settling on a niche. You should avoid highly competitive niches as many other webmasters are building websites in the same niche.

You should keep this in mind as the main principle for successful niche selection. Your goal should be to pick a niche that is not very competitive and not many users are exploring it. At the same time, it can grow over time (see Trends in niche selection) in order to have a clear understanding of this.

3. Your Area of ​​Expertise:

Well, passion is one of the compasses for finding a great niche, you shouldn't discount your existing experience when it comes to choosing a niche. In particular, since many websites rely on Google search to drive traffic, experience is one of the criteria you should consider.

Google made it clear a few years ago that they looked to the experience of the authors to rank a website. A high ranking means that you will be rewarded with a lot of organic traffic, which in turn will help you succeed on your blog.

In fact, Google went a step further and started downgrading websites that lacked a clear track record, especially in certain niches like healthcare, finance, and anything to do with money.

General niches such as fashion, technology are perfectly acceptable right now, but we cannot be sure that they will remain the same in the near future. When choosing a niche, you should take into account your qualifications, your official title (example: engineer, doctor, management degree).

If you don't have one of these, avoid falling into a niche where qualifications are important.

There is a workaround related to this situation, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

So along with passion, consider a niche where you could highlight your own experience or hire experienced writers.

To fix this problem, ask an expert to analyze your content (for example, a healthcare professional might work with a healthcare practitioner to review the content).

4. Relevance of the Topic in the Future

So you've identified a few niches for yourself, but what about the future of these niches?

Checking the trend and ensuring that the trend strengthens over time will ensure that you remain relevant in the future.

There are exceptions when you work in a micro niche and your time horizon for this blog is no more than 1-2 years. A good free tool to check for trends in a topic is using Google Trends.

This is the way you can utilize Google Trends.

  • Go to
  • Enter your niche theme
  • Select the target country (for example, Worldwide, India, USA, Australia)
  • Select an annual range (Example: 5 years)

And Google will show you how users' interest in the topic has increased or decreased.

5. Can you Monetize your Niche?

This is another important factor that you should consider when completing a niche to create a profitable blog. It's not uncommon to see aspiring bloggers starting a blog about their passion but struggling to monetize it.

The reason is that there are many high-traffic niches that are difficult to monetize. The reason is that there are not enough advertisers who would like to advertise in such niches.

Google AdSense or is by a wide margin the most well-known approach to adapt any specialty, yet as I examined in my online class on the best way to bring in cash writing for a blog, there are more significant levels of adaptation that produce more income.

There are several ways to assess monetization opportunities, and one of them is to analyze similar sites in that niche. This strategy is also known as competitor analysis.

Examine different websites in a comparable specialty (wide or restricted) and perceive how they adapt their blog.

A few things to watch out for:

  • Are they only using contextual ad networks like Adsense to monetize?
  • Do they have direct advertising? If so, what brands?
  • Are there any affiliate links on the site?
  • Do they sell any products (courses, e-books, merchandising)?
  • Do they offer advice?

Final words for Successful Niche Selection:

Before moving on to the frequently asked questions related to choosing a niche, I want you to know one thing:

While this guide should be used as a guideline for the niche selection process, it shouldn't be the only one. There are often people who think the unthinkable, and you must keep this in mind.

However, some principles, such as using data to validate a niche idea, will ensure that you don't make the mistakes of choosing a niche like so many others.

This guide aims to help you learn the techniques professionals use to select a niche.

In the real world, you will have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to learn all this wisdom.

Today you are learning it for free, but all this knowledge will be useless if you miss even one principle of the niche selection process.

If you already have a blog in a specific niche, you can use this guide to give it a new direction. So, not only will you make proof of your future success, but you won't end up like many bloggers who quit blogging due to the wrong niche choice.

Q. I am not good at anything, how can I start blogging in any niche?

A. Well, the best way to learn anything is to teach. In the event that you apply these standards to track down a decent speciality and begin expounding on it, you will begin to improve.

As you progress on your journey as a student, you can go back to editing old articles, which is perfectly natural.

All in all, you don't need to be an expert to start a blog in any niche, you become an expert by learning and writing.

In fact, as you learn to write, you end up researching and learning better as writing requires more preparation. Although the first few months will be slow for you, you will get better results in the long run.


So, I think I discussed a lot of things that can help you to Pick The Best Niche For Blogging in your upcoming blogging journey.

Do share your thoughts in the comments if you ever selected a niche in your blogging work and what was your experience in that.

Thanks for reading.

Will meet you all beautiful people in my next blog!

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