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von Ali Feruz
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The situation around LGBTQ people's rights in the post-Soviet space rarely gets the media attention it deserves. We are changing that.

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My name is Ali Feruz, I am a gay reporter and activist. This summer I gathered a team of journalists to start up a network called Unit. We are working to enable the discussion around rights of LGBTQ people in post-Soviet countries. Presently we managed to gather a group of around 40 people supporting this aim and raise funding for the first three months of our operation. We are asking for your help in sustaining our work.

Here’s a bit about how Unit works, what we do and — most importantly — why.

This summer I took part in the first pride parade of my life, the CSD in Berlin. And it got me thinking about all the people who don’t have an opportunity to stand up for their rights like this. 

I was born in Uzbekistan, where sex between men is a felony punishable with up to four years of prison. When I tell people in Western Europe about LGBTQ people from Central Asia, many say that they know how it is. They know that it’s bad, that it’s dangerous there. But what does “bad” actually mean? What does “bad” look like in different countries? You can read more on this in the first article by Unit.

Everywhere our journalists work, the situations are different. They have one thing in common, though: people are discriminated against because they are not perceived as equal human beings. Through telling their stories we want to enable discussion around the wider issue of discrimination, of any kind.

We plan to reach the national audiences in twelve countries we focus on (see more details below) through partnering with local independent media in producing journalistic pieces. At the same time, we will also inform global audiences with articles in English and German, like the one cited above.

By spring 2019, we plan to produce three more articles for international audiences, launch our own website and gather Unit members for a workshop in Berlin. How much of this we will make true — depends on you. 

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