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What happened to Patreon?

It's still there! But we like this better

If you know us already, you'll know we have a modest following on Patreon. Patreon is good because lots of people already have an account so it takes a mere click to support us.

So what are we doing here then?

I randomly met the people from Steady a few months back at a journalism event. One of them is Irish and before I knew it, here we are! No, that's a joke about how charming Irish people are.

The truth is that we've had some grief with Patreon - people don't like paying in dollars because it's hard to mentally calculate the currency conversion, it adds VAT on top of the total which we don't think is very transparent, and we've had issues with converting the dollars back into pounds through PayPal.

Steady has none of that and it's also more flexible. It lets us embed payment on the site, it looks nicer and we could even do members-only content on The Overtake website, which is something we're looking at doing. And, crucially, what you see is what you get - the totals are in pounds and it includes tax, so we don't feel like anyone is getting tricked.

They both cost us about the same so if you prefer one or the other, that's absolutely fine :)


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