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South Africa is approaching a defining moment in its history. The economy is in a bad way, the state is running out of money, state-owned enterprises are dysfunctional and loss-making, and the ruling African National Congress government is riddled with corruption at all levels. The country is at an acute risk of heading into a rapid downward spiral should (inter alia) current threats to property rights be realised.

Despite the clear peril facing the country, much of SA's public debate remains trapped within the confines set by decades of ANC ideological and political hegemony. The ANC leadership, and many of our leading journalists and intellectuals, continue to cling to the leaden lifebuoy of liberation movement ideology. Unable to properly locate their current predicament comparatively or historically, and with no clear reformist path set out before them, the youth meanwhile are being drawn towards the peddlers of quack cures and magical solutions.

Avoiding the worst, let alone achieving the best, requires a fundamental shift in the way the country thinks. As Heinrich Heine wrote: “Thought precedes action as lightning precedes thunder”. As a publication Politicsweb has long dared to stand alone against the prevailing winds, publishing political writing of the highest quality. 

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