Sneak 2nd Update for September - Game Design Document to FaceInvaders

This is a little sneaky 2nd update for September. I will give you access to my (internal use) Game Design Document of FaceInvaders

Typically a Game Design Document is written by the game designer to pitch a idea for a game to his company, publisher, fellow workers or other people who are closly envolved in creating a game.

I write GDDs to grab all my ideas and hold them together. And to bring this Ideas to speakable text ;)

Mainly I collect all my ideas for my games in one huge mindmap, and because of that, there are always a lot of nonsens in there. But this nonsens is just the output from my brain in the creative process of brainstorming  - and yes: my brain really get's stormed with ideas, when I'm sitting on my computer and thinking about games ;)

To give you an idea about what I want to do, when I commited myself to this game, I made my GDDs for FaceInvaders available.

(Sorry that it is written in German - it was created before I finally decided to adress international people and was originally created only for myself - maybe a quick Google Translate of the document will help, If you don't speak or read german)

You can download the GDD using this link or just visit the newly created detail page about FaceInvaders on my website.

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