This is the late October update for you, where I talk about the changes and improvements I do to this supporter's campaign here on Steady.

 Some changes I have to do on the supporter’s campaign.

I’ve talked a lot with friends about the goals for this supporter’s campaign here on Steady. As a result, I changed some things.

First, I added access to basic online features for my games for all people who spent at least 1€/Month. For Face Invaders and Fishing Derby this will be an online High Score Table. In the games that will follow, I will tell you before final release, what these features will be. You can use this feature within the month you paid for. If you stop paying you High score will still be listed, but you can not achieve a new entry in this list.

For supporters who pay for the 5€-tier or above there will be special online features. In Face Invaders this will be a monthly challenge with a separate high score table for every month. Maybe I will also do some kind of ladder challenge where you can earn points from month to month, but I need to work this out in detail.

Because I added more gaming-relevant things to this tier I had to cancel the monthly video. Maybe there will be videos from time to time, but video productions (even vlogs) take a lot of time I should better spent for my games. So, I dropped this idea.

You will still receive information about the progress from time to time, and I will still ask for opinions and do votes, so you can still be a part of the project.

I hope these changes will meet more the things you expect from my games and will lead to a better experience for all of us.

If you want to give me feedback on this, please write an email to

Thanks for you ongoing support. You are awesome 😉


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