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#2 Full screen snapshots of a web page

It can be useful to take a pic of a whole web page in plenty of cases. 

• You've just designed it, or you've tweaked the design, and you want a client or colleague to have a look at it.

• You want to share the snapshot, or part of it, via social channels.

• You've got a problem on a website and you want to share evidence of what you are experiencing with that website's customer support service.

Or maybe you just want to keep a record of the changing look and feel of your site or that of a client.



Snapito lets you specify a web page (it can be a front page if you want) and then create a single image of it.

It doesn't matter if it is a compact web page or one that you need to scroll down and down. Snapito will create an image of it for you.

It can be a page on your website or that of someone else. If it is the latter, you might just be contravening their copyright, depending on how you use the image.

And it is free. Just paste the URL in and click the 'snap' button.

You'll see that it gives you options for how you want the image to be output. You can publish the image to Pinterest, export it to PDF, or create a shortlink that takes you or others to a copy of the image.

By selecting the options button to the right of the 'snap' button you will open a further range of options for output. These cover the width of the image (in terms of the target screen-size on which you'd like to view it), its height, and whether you want some a delay (in seconds) before the snapshot is taken.

On closer look, you'll find that Snapito is currently suffering a denial of service (DoS) attack, so the actual image is being handled for them by a similar service, ShrinkTheWeb.

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18 April 2019

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