Flash fiction written in 60 minutes or less

von Vijayendra Mohanty
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1 Hour Story is a growing collection of short fiction by Vijayendra Mohanty.

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Who am I?

My name is Vijayendra Mohanty and I am a storyteller. Among my works are the comic Ravanayan and the Youtube channel Epified. My work on Ravanayan has been featured in publications such as The New Indian Express, The Hindu, Bleeding Cool, and many others. The video channel Epified has been mentioned in The New Indian Express and has also been the subject of a TEDx talk by me.

What is all this?

I am telling stories. The stories I tell have to do with magic, monsters, mythology, people looking for purpose, extra-dimensional intelligences, self-aware machines, ancient aliens, odd gods, medieval mysteries, and far-future fantasies.

I have written such stories on a semi-regular basis for more than a dozen years now. I will be writing more regularly now and I am going to do it on my own fiction platform 1 Hour Story. In the near future, I have also planned web series -- ongoing fiction serials that will be delivered to you chapter-by-chapter every week. See rewards on the right sidebar.

Why ask for money?

Why am I asking that you pay? Does this mean that all the stories on the site will be behind a paywall?

Not at all! I write stories because I like to write stories. I would write and publish this website even if nobody were to pay me anything. You becoming a Patron is simply a way for you to show support for my creative projects. And since I believe that people who pay do deserve something extra, I have put out certain rewards. More rewards plans are on their way!

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